What Percentage of Jobs Require a College Degree? The Answer Will Make You Shock

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What percentage of jobs require a college degree is an interesting discussion. This is because some people said that your educational background is not a serious matter. As long as you can show your skill and good attitude, you will get a job. On the other hand, people also said that educational background is very important. It supports your long term future career. It seems that without higher educational background, your career will be stuck for long time. So, which one is the right one? Let’s discuss it a little bit.


Jobs Opportunity until 2020

First we have to talk about the job opportunity. It seems useless if you have higher degree but you don’t get any job to be applied. Based on a research, it is predicted that will be 55 million new jobs created in 2020. This prediction is based on the fact that we can see hundreds of new businesses appear today. Some of them will be strong and grow larger. Those businesses are the key to absorb many employees. Moreover, it is also found that there are several types of businesses which will be developed significantly in the future. Those are including healthcare, community services, and many more. At the same time, those companies are trying to hire skillful applicants. In fact, what they are going to do is not a simple task. So, do you still need to achieve your college degree? Read the explanation bellow.

What Percentage of Jobs Require a College Degree

The Percentage of Jobs with College Degree

Now, let’s try to answer the question of what percentage of jobs require a college degree. Based on the same research, it is found that in 2020 around 35% of the applicants has to be at least a bachelor degree. Moreover, 30% of the applicants who are hired by companies have to be at least collage or associate’s degree. How about if you still don’t have your college degree? Do you still have an opportunity to get a job? Don’t worry because companies still need applicants at least beyond high school. Even the percentage is the highest and it will be around 36% are ready to get a job although they don’t have higher educational background. But, to protect your own career it will be better to have at least post secondary educational background before seeking your job.


The Considerations of Companies to Seek Applicants

Actually, college degree is not the only consideration in finding an employee. In fact, most of companies are trying to find an applicant who has good cognitive skills. So, it is better to improve your communication skill and analytic skill from now. It is the same case with physical skill. Of course, it depends on the types of the job you want to apply. But, most of companies don’t see your physical skill except if you want to work on manufacturing companies. Now, you know the specific answer based on the latest research. Whether it is true or not, you still have to continue your study to achieve college degree if you can for better future. It seems that seeing the explanation what percentage of jobs require a college degree, you still have to achieve your college degree.

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