what degree do you get after 4 years of college

What Degree Do You Get After 4 Years Of College

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Most colleges and universities offer undergraduate program that require two to four years of college. Two years and four years of college have different degrees. In two years of college, you will get an associate degree. And what degree do you get after 4 years of college? It is called bachelor degree.

Four years colleges and universities usually are divided into two types, public college and private college. Public colleges and universities are more affordable and larger than private colleges and universities. Both types offer variety of undergraduate programs with different Bachelor degree’s titles. There are various types of Bachelor degree and titles, and some people have no idea what abbreviations in those Bachelor degree’s titles mean and what the difference between each title is. If currently you are looking for the right 4-years colleges and universities, it is important for you to understand about Bachelor degree and its titles. The types of Bachelor degree and its abbreviations include:

what degree do you get after 4 years of college

Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts’ program covered the largest fields of study than other program. The major field of study of the program usually focuses on theoretical knowledge. Bachelor of Arts’ programs include the liberal arts courses and humanities courses like language, music and communication courses. In some universities such as Cambridge and Oxford, Bachelor of Arts’ program covers all study fields including scientific course. 

Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.)

In Bachelor of Science’s program, research practice is essential besides the theoretical knowledge. In UK, the program is divided into two kinds, the Basic Bachelor and the Honor Bachelor. Basic Bachelor take three years to complete, while the Honor Bachelor take four years to complete. The areas of study for Bachelor of Science’s program include natural sciences, mathematics, engineering and technology, computer sciences, and information technology.

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (B.F.A.)

This is a professional degree which means students should apply their art skills by providing visual arts or performing arts in most part of the coursework. Theoretical knowledge of liberal arts takes only small part of their coursework.

Bachelor of Applied Science degree (BAS)

Bachelor of Applied Science’s program is a professional degree that requires extensive practical application. It usually offered for professionals who already had professional certification but want to bring their technical skills to some advanced levels for the benefits of their works. BAS example is a degree in nursing.

Bachelor of Law degree (LL.B.)

LL. is an abbreviation for law in Latin. Some countries require a state examination before the degree holders can practice law.

Bachelor of Engineering degree (B. Eng.)

This degree will be awarded to students who learn the engineering sciences. Bachelor of Engineering is equal with BAS or B.Sc. So, it is no surprise if you see some universities awarded BAS or B.Sc. to their students who enrolled engineering program.

These types of degree will answer your question “what degree do you get after 4 years of college?” Understanding this types of Bachelor degree can help you determine the program that interesting you to study.

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