The 30 Best Online Bachelor of Criminal Justice Degree Programs

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8.University of Central Florida – Department of Criminal Justice

(Orlando, Florida)

University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida

The University of Central Florida (UCF), a public research university, is one of the largest schools in the country with a total enrollment of more than 63,000 students. The school opened its doors for the first time in 1968. The university presently offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. UCF Online provides numerous degree programs.

The online Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice provides students a broad understanding of crime and society’s control mechanisms.

The university designed the Bachelor in Criminal Justice degree program’s curriculum to properly prepare students for jobs within local, county, state, and federal justice agencies, private security organizations, and other related fields, as well as to prepare students to continue on to graduate school.

The Bachelor in Criminal Justice online degree includes elective courses such as:

  • Crime and the Media
  • Crime Mapping and Pattern Analysis
  • Criminal Justice Ethics
  • Cultural Diversity and Criminal Justice
  • White Collar Crime
  • Drugs and Crime
  • Women and Crime
  • Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice System

The University of Central Florida is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

9.University of Oklahoma – College of Liberal Studies

(Norman, Oklahoma)

University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma (UO), a large public research university founded in 1890, provides a variety of degree program options, including 152 baccalaureate, 160 master, and 75 doctorate programs. The university has approximately 31,000 students.

The 100-percent online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree covers the theoretical, ethical, and evolving real-world issues in the law enforcement field. Students have the opportunity to develop a solid understanding of the justice system while learning how to adapt to ever-changing law enforcement issues.

The Bachelor in Criminal Justice program requires students to complete 120 credit hours. The program includes core courses such as:

  • Foundations of Ethics in Liberal Studies
  • Theories of Criminal Behavior
  • Deviance and Social Control
  • Comparative Justice Systems
  • Statistics in Criminal Justice
  • Study-in-Depth Prospectus
  • Introduction to Forensic Science/Criminalistics

The program includes a variety of electives.

Due to the accelerated pace of these courses, students can complete the program in 18 months.

The University of Oklahoma is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

10.University of Louisville – Department of Criminal Justice

(Louisville, Kentucky)

University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky

The University of Louisville, a public university and a member of the Kentucky state university system, has more than 22,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

The University of Louisville offers an online Bachelor of Science degree program in Criminal Justice designed for individuals with an associate degree or equivalent credits already earned from a regionally accredited institution.

The online Bachelor in Criminal Justice degree includes courses such as:

  • Crime and Justice in the United States
  • Law Enforcement in the United States
  • Corrections in the United States
  • Criminal Behavior
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Criminal Law and Evidence

The program prepares students for careers as police officers, special agents, criminal investigators, corrections officers, probation and parole officers, correctional treatment specialists, and more.

The University of Louisville is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


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