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What You Need to Get to Mt. SAC Associates Degree

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The mt sac associates degree is the program where you can work on several different career fields. The fields you can work on are mostly technical and art. Because of this, you also can take this degree after taking Liberal Arts and Sciences for two years. And, in Mt. San Antonio College itself, you can choose as many as 89 Associate and Transfer Degree. However, if you want to take associates degree, you need to fulfill these requirements.

Application for Graduation

First thing you have to do is sending Application for Graduation to the campus. The deadline for sending these documents is:

  • Fall – end of ninth week for fall graduation

  • Winter – end of ninth week of fall semester

  • Spring – end of the ninth week for spring graduation

  • Summer – end of ninth week of spring semester

Residency Requirement

You need to have two different conditions to fulfill the residency requirement for taking Associates Degree from Mt. San Antonio College. They are:

  • 12 units in residence and enrollment in the last semester

  • 45 unit in residence, if you transfer from other university

Mt Sac Associates Degree

General Education

It’s not necessary, but it’s much better, if you finished the general education before taking the mt sac associates degree. By having the degree in general education, the student will be much easier to understand and to apply the skill they get from the Associate Degree program. And, here are some of the general education requirements that you may need before taking this degree program.

  • Communication and Critical Thinking

This education is needed, so the student can easily communicate and respond with many different type of audience. And, they can do it orally or written.

  • Science and Math

The analytical skill and ability to solve the problems logically, as well as apply the interactive and innovative idea to this field will be gotten from this skill. And, this is important and will make the associate degree that focus on science and art much easier to follow.

  • Arts and Humanities

Student will be able to develop more sensitive and empathy to the social life, which makes the application of the knowledge from Associate Degree program, is much easier.

  • Social Sciences

This is important to know how to make the skill much more useful for society.

  • Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development

With this skill, student will have much better life in the campus. Plus, this will help the student to create better method to follow and understand the program subject.

Basically, those are few requirements that you must have to enter or transfer to Mt. San Antonio College for Associate Degree program. They are all needed, in the documentation or formal aspect, as well as the skill that help you to follow the program effectively.  If you want to know more about other requirement, the more detail requirement that you need to enter this degree, you can contact Mt. San Antonio College directly. That will give you great help about mt sac associates degree.

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