The Hard Steps to Pass before Joining the Air Force with a College Degree

The Hard Steps to Pass before Joining the Air Force with a College Degree

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Joining the air force with a college degree seems to be a good idea. It seems that by having your college degree you will have a better future career and monthly salary in the air force. But, is that true? We all know that working as an air force officer is not an easy task and even a hard task to do. This information can be your consideration before joining the air force.


Applying Air Force Officer with a College Degree

As an air force officer, you need to master specific skills. Of course, it is okay if you apply to get a job there no matter your degree. But, you have to know that the opportunity is small. If you can pass the exams and test, you will be a commissioned officer. How about if you still in your high school diploma? It seems you have to wait and try to continue your study until you get your collage degree. Your degree helps you a lot if you really want to join the air force.

 The Hard Steps to Pass before Joining the Air Force with a College Degree2

Applying Specific Career on Air Force

If you want to enter and work in specific important jobs, you have to follow specific trainings. In fact, your public collage degree is not enough to bring you to the specific working field on the air force. So, joining the airforce with a collage degree is not enough. After achieving your college degree you still have to follow officer training school. If you want to get a prestigious position on the air force, you should improve your skill. In specific, it is a must for you to follow U.S. Air Force Academy. It has a world class education along with interesting offers for the students. Good news for those who still in college because you have an opportunity to join AFROTC during your study. It is a specific support from the U.S. Air Force to gain skillful workers in the future. They also offer a lot of interesting deals. When you are done with your study, you can start your career as an officer. Then, you can improve your skill and knowledge to get better position on the U.S Air Force.


The Basic Requirements of U.S. Air Force Applicants

Don’t forget to learn about the basic requirements. To apply as an officer you have to be around 18 years old up to 34 years old. Because you are about to work for U.S. it means you should be a U.S. citizen. Related to the educational background, an officer must have at least a bachelor degree. Those requirements are a little bit different if you want to take special career on the U.S. Air Force. For example, if you want to be a healthcare, legal, and ministry professionals, you need to have relevant degree or at least postgraduate degree. You also have to be able to work on your field. Of course, you still have to pass specific requirements such as physical strength, moral standard, leadership potential, and many more. In conclusion, joining the airforce with a college degree is a good idea for general officer but it is not enough for specific career with better future and salary.


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