How Many Years of College to Get a Bachelor's Degree?

Road to Degree: How Many Years of College to Get a Bachelor’s Degree?

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There many people that still wonder how many years of college to get a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degree is everyone’s dream. A lot of companies seek a new worker that have a degree, especially bachelor’s degree. So, here are the answer for those who wonder the same thing.

Common duration for a bachelor’s degree

The standard duration to get a bachelor’s degree is 4 years. But the duration could be longer, if you have not finished the minimum numbers of courses or semester credits required. Those numbers are required if you study in a college where the system is semester system. There are some colleges who not use that system, but they use quarter system. This system requires you to finish 180 quarter credits with the same duration with the semester system, if you finish the credits on time. Usually, each major on a college have 10 to 12 courses or 30 to 36 credits. Although a lot of students complete their study on time, there are also those who cannot graduate on time. The most problematic cause for that matter is working. A lot of students have a part time job while continuing their study. But in some cases, a job can disturb a student’s study whether because of the money received, or have a long work time. There are also students who graduate before 4 years. Those students usually adding an upper semester subject to their current semester. For example, a 4th semester student add the subject learnt in semester 6th. Another way to graduate faster is by taking summer classes. These kind of tricks is mostly used by those who wants to graduate faster, but not all universities or college allow these trick.

 What to do with bachelor’s degree

Students who have a bachelor’s degree have a bigger chance to be received in a company compared to those who have a lower degree or not having a degree at all. Bachelor’s degree is the most common requirements to get a job. This is happened because the employers believe that people with bachelor’s degree are qualified to work under them. It also shows the employers that you already learn and understand a specific skill on a specific field. People usually chase his/her bachelor’s degree when they know that bachelor’s degree is required for the work they want or continuing their associate degree to have a better career in the future. A bachelor’s degree equips a student with skills needed in a professional job as a whole. There are many types of bachelor’s degree, but the two most primary titles are BA and BS (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science). BA usually focuses on liberal arts such as English, arts, and communication while BS focuses on a specific concentration such as economics, computer, or engineer. When applying for a job, make sure that your title is suitable with your job. But it is not a must since there are also a lot of employers who seek fresh graduates only for their title.

So if you are still wondering on how many years of college to get a bachelor’s degree, 4 years is the answer and it is the most common duration in completing a bachelor’s degree.

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