The Fact about Dental Hygiene Salary with Associate Degree

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Dental hygiene salary with associate degree is what people want to know especially if they want to be a dental hygienist. By knowing about the salary and the level of the salary, they can decide whether they have to apply on their latest degree or continue their higher degree first before finally being a dentist. Let’s find out first and try to consider it later.


The Job as Dental Hygienist related to Your Degree  

Most people relate dental hygiene salary with associate degree. Actually, the answer is no. For your information, you are able to work related to dental hygiene at least with your bachelor degree. By using your degree you can be working as educator, researcher, or manager. It is also possible for you working on statistic report or teachers on public or school health program. Again, it doesn’t require any specific degree. At least you have to be a bachelor degree and you are also allowed to apply if you have master degree. So, what is the consideration of the salary in dental hygienist? There are at least three classifications of dental hygienist salary. Those are the practice setting, geographical location, and experience. There is no consideration of associate degree in dental hygienist. Because of that, you need to improve your skill through experience and try to work in different types of geographic location. As time goes by, you will get just like what you have been achieved as a dental hygienist.

 Dental hygiene salary with associate degree

The Fact about Salary of Dental Hygienist

Talking about dental hygienist salary, of course we want to know how much money you get to work as dental hygienist. It is known that as a dental hygienist, you will get around $70.700 per year. This data is taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is your luck if you can work in ambulatory health services. In fact, this job has the highest salary. At least, you will get around $74.250 per year. The problem is that the competition is tight because there are only 120 jobs and hundreds of people wanted to work on this service. The most popular job in dental hygiene field is dental officers. This job absorb up to 96% of certified applicants with salary around $71.000 per year. Because the salary is not associated with degree, the amount of the salary will be various. Let say, if it is based on the location it means that dental hygienist who work in California got highest salary. They achieve around $93.280 per year. It is also the same case if you are working in Nevada in which the salary is the second highest with $90.540 per year. On the other hand, it is a little bit hard to work in Alabama because this location is giving the lowest salary for dental hygienist. A dental hygienist in Alabama will only receive around $45.760 per year.


Because finally known about the fact, you should make a good strategy for your future career. It is good if you can improve your experience or choose the best location because there is no relation between dental hygiene salary with associate degree.

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