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How Do I Get Multiple College Degrees Like James Franco?

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James Franco is an American actor who is not famous for his work in films and TV shows, but also famous for his unbelievable accomplishment in education. James Franco college degree is quite awesome if you want to know. After high school in 1996, he enrolled at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). However, he dropped out for pursuing his acting career. Ten years later in 2006, he re-enrolled his studying as an English Major with a creative writing concentration at UCLA. He persuaded his administrator to allow him to take course credits up to 62 credit per quarter. He graduated two years later with 3.5 GPA.

Soon after his graduation, he headed for New York and enrolled in three graduate schools simultaneously which were Columbia University’s MFA writing program, New York University’s Tisch School for directing, and Brooklyn College for fiction writing. He didn’t stop his education desire at his three graduate schools in New York. He also attended Warren Wilson College in North Carolina for poetry training. He got his Master’s degree from Columbia in 2010, and later he was accepted in English PhD program at Yale while also attended the Rhode Island School of Design (RSID).

Reading those James Franco college degree, you must be wondering how he could enroll multiple schools when he had a busy schedule. Actually, you can be like him attending multiple classes while still maintaining your daily life. Here are few tips to help you accomplishing your goals.

James Franco college degree

Make a study plan

If you want to attend multiple schools simultaneously, you have to make a study plan for each schools. A study plan will help you to narrow the classes you’ll take and keep you concentrate to what you learn. It avoids you being confused with your major field of study of each schools. Therefore, it will be much better if you take linear courses. Stay in contact with your academic advisor will help you to work and stick to your plan.

Ask for transfer equivalence

If you have completed the class at one college, you may have a chance to get credits equivalence at the other. Ask your college about the policies of transfer credit and arrange a petition, so that your work don’t go to waste and can be used to fill another graduation requirement. A transfer credit usually requires a thorough description of the course you have completed and why that course should be reviewed and counted as an equivalency.

Drop minor class

Minor classes, indeed, can help you expand your knowledge. But, it will take more works to finish those classes. Dropping minor classes will give you more chances to take more major course and save your more times. So, unless your field of study required those minor classes or you think that those minor classes could give you benefits in the future, dropping minor classes is the best option for you to survive attending multiple schools.

Getting college degree like James Franco college degree is not easy. But, if you work hard, create a strategic plan, and believe in yourself, everything will be possible for you.

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